What are PWA and What problems do they solve?

Let’s discuss the well-known phone app, Whatsapp. When using this app, if there is no cellular, you will still be able to open the application.


Are you still using HTTP? More penalties may be in store

This nonsecure label indicated that data is being exchanged on an unencrypted connection. That being noted, HTTPS, the secure version of HTTP,


7 must elements for your website

Your website’s homepage is the most important first impression you can make. Having a strong first impression acts as a conduit to bring

Project Specification or Business Requirement Document

Website and application design and development requires detailed outlines of what the clients need for their project. Detailed project specifications

How to secure your WordPress site from Hackers and Malware.

As the most preferred and popular content management system online, WordPress websites are a lucrative target for hackers, spammers,