Travel Ecosystem

  • 1. Client Overview

    Our client is an airline company that serves nearly 30 destinations across the US and provides services to more than a million customers. Their current site uses third-party services to fetch flight details and booking processes. The user experience of the present site was basic and the user interface was less attractive. The site was not completely ADA complaint.

    Project Objective

    • Developing a plug-and-play plugin that can be used in any marketplace for enabling flight booking, that is customizable and can be fitted anywhere on site with ease.
    • The plugin should be configurable to work with custom web services and can be used simultaneously with any legacy third-party web services.
    • The user interface needs to be enhanced with a better user experience overall.
    • The site needs to be ADA-compliant. The quality of deliverables needs to be of the highest level.
  • Solutions

    • Provided a custom PHP plugin that can be installed on the WordPress environment and can be used by adding a shortcode.
    • Plugin was made configurable so that endpoints can be changed based on environments. Additionally plugin was made compatible with older third-party web services.
    • User interface was improved with crucial elements of the site were made more accentuated.
    • Site was made ADA-compliant Level AAA.
    • Quality assurance best practices were implemented and deliverables were given ensuring no major issues in the field.
  • Technology

    • Front end: HTML, CSS, jQuery
    • Separate Dev, UAT, Beta & Production
    • Back end: PHP
    • Database: MySQL
    • Bug Tracking Tool: Test Monitor
    • Communication Tool: Basecamp
  • Team Members: [total-7]

    • Front End Developer: 2
    • Back End Developer: 2
    • QA Tester: 2
    • Project Manager: 1