Decentralized finance

  • 1. Client Overview

    The client operates in the Defi – Decentralized financial market. They are an aggregator of data related to Defi products and the world of web 3.0.
    Since data comes from numerous platforms in the form of APIs, users need an interface, which can be leveraged to analyze and compare thousands of products and services available in the Defi/web3 space. Users need to be able to have a visual experience to analyze past performance with historical data such as APRs, TVL, and many more. Users can leverage comprehensive information to choose the right products and services.

    Project Objective

    • The first goal was to change the landing page to look more engaging.
    • Additionally, the client wanted an application where data shows both in figures and also in graphical representation.
    • The application interface is intelligent to Handle incorrect data and filter meaningful information.
    • Client needed a comprehensive Quality assurance to identify gaps at a level where data is getting scraped.
    • Additionally they needed a process in place to ensure each new piece of code is tested before deployment to production.
  • Solutions

    • The landing page was facelifted with more interactive sections which provide focused information to users.
    • Data was shown in the form of graphical representations which are interactive and intuitive.
    • User interface gracefully handled missing or inappropriate data without compromising performance and speed.
    • Defined Quality assurance process to find gaps in data at each stage gate.
  • Technology

    • Frontend: React with Typescript, Material UI, Apexcharts, HTML, CSS
    • Third Party integrations: Google Forms
    • Backend: Python
    • Database: MySQL
    • Hosting: Firebase
    • Project management Tools:, Discord
    • Development model: Agile
  • Team Members: [total-5]

    • Front End Developer: 1
    • Back End Developer: 1
    • QA Tester: 2
    • Project Manager: 1