• 1. About NPLEX

    NPLEX had a process that they needed to streamline better, digitally. One Exam process takes approx. 6 months to complete the Steps in the preparation of a set of NPLEX Examination. The challenge was to bring together the following internal processes for an exam.

    • Practice Analysis
    • Blue Print Development
    • New Cases/ Items written
    • Item Review by Local Exam Committee (LEC)
    • Item Editing and Entry into Item pool
    • Item Review by NPLEX Council of Exam Chairs
    • Finalization of Exams/ Proofreading/ Correcting
    • Exam Administration (NABNE)
    • Setting the Passing Standard etc.

    The key challenge was to provide user friendly environment for all the doctors’ community. The application had to handle various exams and their different processes.

  • The Solution

    Our analyst and product architects worked together to plan the architecture. The focus was to develop an intuitive UX while keeping the business goals relevant to the customers’ experience. The forms were designed and integrated in such a way that the users were not overwhelmed by the process.

    • Multiple reports for validating the Examiner performance on various steps
    • Rejected Items gets further chance to improve on the topic
    • Item Chairs analyze the items as per their specific sections.
    • Admin has the power to view the over-all activities of application Users.
    • Detailed User access log Management System
    • High Security to ban unknown User, Pass on security alerts to Admin and to specific User.
  • The Technology

    • LAMP – Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP. The team used PHP5.x and MySQL 5, for development.
    • Front-End – HTML, Responsive Structure, Bootstrap, JQuery
    • Bug Tracking Tool: bugZilla
    • Communication Tool: JIRA, Basecamp
    • Prototyping Tool: Balsamiq
    • UI Tool: Photoshop